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 5 benefits of apartment living

There’s plenty of perks when it comes to living in an apartment – especially in Melbourne.

If you’ve been deciding between purchasing a house or an apartment, we’ve outlined the five key benefits of high-rise living to help with your decision.

1. Affordability

It’s no secret that property prices in Melbourne are rising. Recent data released by CoreLogic has revealed that Melbourne house values were up 1.4 per cent over the month of August, reaching a new median record of $954,496.

As a buyer, the growth of property prices can be intimidating. However, with the median price of apartments marginally lower than house prices, you can still purchase a luxurious property for an affordable price when you opt for high-rise living.

In further good news, apartments typically cost less money (and time) to maintain than your average detached house. When you purchase an apartment at Millhouse ResidenceA, everything will be brand spanking new. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but the newer the fixtures and fittings are, the less money you’ll spend in maintenance and repairs. Winning!

2. Increased Safety

Most apartment complexes have additional layers of security that you simply cannot get from purchasing a home. Whether it’s CCTV footage in the lobby or controlled access to certain levels, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing there’s additional security precautions in place. Living in close proximity to other people also means that should suspicious activity occur, it’s likely one of your neighbours will see something and report it back to you or the relevant authority.

3. Sense of Community

Living in an apartment puts you in close proximity to your neighbours and offers a sense of community you don’t always get when purchasing a house. After all, it’s much easier to strike up a conversation with someone in a communal space rather than over the fence!

At Millhouse, there’s a range of inviting communal spaces for you to catch up with neighbours, or simply visit one of the nearby eateries for a cup of coffee or bite to eat with your new friends.

Being part of the masterplanned Ropeworks precinct also means you can enjoy comfort in knowing the community will continue expanding to include shops, cafes and a range of services that will provide everything a growing community could need.

4. Location

Choosing to purchase an apartment allows you to live exactly where you want to.

Unlike houses, apartment towers are typically located in the heart of a city – with incredible views to boot. Living in an apartment can help cut down your daily commute and place you within walking distance of all the entertainment and amenity you could ever need.

Millhouse Residence is located within the bustling and vibrant suburb of Footscray A mecca of art, entertainment and culture, Footscray is a true indication of why the ‘west is best’ in Melbourne. The sights on offer are equally as impressive – stroll along the Maribyrnong River or picnic in one of the largest and most intact examples of an Edwardian park in Australia at Footscray Park. With everything you need right at your fingertips, you won’t ever want to venture outside of this up-and-coming inner western borough of Melbourne. Should you need to commute to the CBD for work however, it’s a quick 17-minute trip by car, or 28-minute by bicycle. Public transport is aplenty too, with citybound trains running every two minutes from Footscray in peak hour.

5. Extra Amenities

Unless you’ve got millions to spend, it’s unlikely you’ll ever purchase a home with the type of amenities on offer at an apartment community. Buying an apartment can give you access to incredible onsite amenities such as a pool, sauna, gym, co-working space, rooftop garden, media room and more!

Purchasing an apartment within Millhouse gives you access to a variety of shared spaces – from quiet alcoves for time alone to landscaped expanses perfect for socialising and celebrating the big occasions. The rooftop garden will be a charming sanctuary for relaxing with friends. For those that work from home but still crave a social aspect during their work day, the luxe coworking space opens onto a terrace for casual meetings in the fresh air.

Millhouse Residence, Footscray’s newest residential community, is now selling. Register your interest now to receive exclusive access to floorplans, pricing and incentives.